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How to get over anger/jealousy

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motherlondon Fri 28-Feb-14 07:26:07

Hi, live in the middle east, separated from husband last year, 3 small kids. He screwed ex employee, as the final straw after a few online affairs and strongly suspected prostitute visits on business to Asia.
Of course, in his version it is all my fault and I am a lazy cow who has taken him for a ride for as long as I can, his words.
I have worked the whole time we have been together, had 3 kids in foreign countries, gone back to work after 5 weeks maternity leave, and even been the main breadwinner at times he has been laid off.
I have certainly not lived the expat life of manicures and coffee dates, and never aspired to.
I on the whole am fine without him, but there are times, like this morning when I just get so raging inside at the way he has treated me.
It is the weekend here, so took kids to park for the morning.
All the happy families then show up, dads/ husbands included with mums wo look as though they haven't had to choose between washing their hair or shaving their legs, because they've been able to have a shower in peace. Men happy to spend their day off with their wife and kids.
I know not to judge books by covers and that not all marriages are picture perfect, but how do I get over the resentment and envy?

CogitoErgoSometimes Fri 28-Feb-14 07:48:27

By stopping comparing yourself to others but instead counting your blessings and focusing on making the best of your own life where you get to achieve your own dreams and ambitions. The grief process attached to relationship breakdown can be severe and long-lasting. Be kind to yourself.

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