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Advice on how to handle a school mum

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Sonnet Sat 07-Sep-13 08:11:43

I would welcome some advice please or a kick up the bum if I am being over sensitive. grin

There is a school mum who does not appear to like my Dd for some reason. I have gathered this impression over the last year. She makes jokey negative comments to me about her. She also praises the other kids in a totally over the top way while ignoring my dd. 2 recent examples this week to illustrate what I mean.

We were both watching a sports team of 7 which included my dd and not hers. She kept up a conversation of how fabulous each if the team members are and how the deserve to be in the team. eg, fab shot Anna, she is an excellent player, really deserves to be in the team. Amazing defending Evie, Jess you are fantastic etc... The only player that did not get a mention was my Dd (who did play well and that is according to other parents)

A few of the girls, including my dd, are auditioning for a part in the school play. She bought the subject up whilst talking in a group of mums including me and most of the the other mums with Dd's auditioning by saying 'so I hear dd is auditioning' . She then proceeded to tell me who else is, how good they are and how she would be 'happy for either x,y or z to get the part' . Again my dd was the only child not mentioned.

These are not isolated events but frequent occurrences.

I handled this usually by smiling and agreeing how fab the other girls are. But yesterday I was surprised how upset and rattled I felt about the latest incident and I have a sinking feeling in my stomach about facing this again for a whole year...

Am I being over sensitive ?

SubliminalMassaging Mon 09-Sep-13 05:45:10

No you're not. She sounds like a nasty cow. She is testing you with indirect bullying to see how much you'll take. She's likely to escalate this.

Yes, this. ^

She is being a classic Passive Aggressive. If your DD is the kind who always gets picked for everything, wins all the prizes etc., I will admit that can really irk other mothers, and will cause them to grumble amongst themselves, but to say it directly to you is a bit off.

Unless there is another reason she really doesn't like her.

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