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Feel sad. Poorly but brings it home to me just how uncaring my mother is

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Bedtime1 Thu 16-May-13 20:14:33

Ive been poorly since last thurs. haven't even told my mum till today that I've been sick. I've started feeling really rough again today. Been told have sinus infection/sinusitis so now have got some abs. I feel dreadful right now even after taking painkillers.

It just brings it home to me at times like this how much my mum doesn't care. Is it wrong for me to expect mum still to care even though I'm an adult.

When I did tell her that im feeling dreadful and also that I'm scared about taking abs. I get worried about taking any sort of medication she turned it all round until it was about her. How she's now come up with a second illness since Sunday and how she's diagnosed herself. It's like she's has to make it sound or be worse than my problem. She hasn't even seen the doctor yet and is going on about ampalaytic shocks and Epi pens. In the at shes had cancer and Alzheimer's. Might I add she hasn't got any of these . She could tell I was really ill on phone but went on about herself, it feels like she's making it into a competition. All I want is for her to just show some care for me. I ended up saying I had to go. I also might add I suffer panic attacks and anxiety and get worried about medical things and she totally went overboard.

I'm so sad sat here, poorly, thinking why is she like this.

Bedtime1 Thu 16-May-13 20:16:00

It was supposed to say at time she's also gone on about cancer etc but doesn't have them

jessjessjess Thu 16-May-13 20:40:41

I sympathise - when I had surgery recently everyone else asked how I was and my mum just went on about her blood pressure.

It's not wrong to expect it. But - and I do this too - it sounds like you are setting yourself up to have your hopes dashed.

forgetmenots Thu 16-May-13 20:45:13

Hi bedtime

I agree with jess. You're still hoping against experience that she will become the mother you want and need - I'm so sorry that she isn't that person. You aren't unreasonable to expect a bit of care from your own mother. But you're opening a wound by expecting it.

When you're feeling less poorly maybe there is a chance for you to move on - cbt perhaps? Sorry if this is something you've already done flowers

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