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discotequewreck Sat 20-Apr-13 16:29:23

Will have to be careful as don't want to be recognised.

I recently wrote a letter to my parents who have cut me out of their will. It was to question this decision as I suspected another family member was involved and coercion had taken place. I also wrote to said family member.

This morning I received a long letter from said family member which can only be described as vitriol, character assassination and a rant.

I am just going to ignore it but it hurts. I feel sick.

ClaudiaSchiffer Sun 21-Apr-13 06:32:52

Oh dear, the whole situation sounds a bit grim and very hurtful.

Did you previously have a good relationship with your parents, are they 'of sound mind' or do you consider them to be vulnerable?

Have you taken legal advice about this is it worth challenging this in court? (the original will, I mean, not the vitriolic letter).

Did you hear back from your parents?

kutee Sun 21-Apr-13 06:38:33

Already seen this post elsewhere. Why write the same post again?

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