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ExH asked if he could "temporarily" move back in !?!?! Took over 2 years to leave...

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ChangingWoman Fri 22-Feb-13 23:16:59

Has never lived independently in his life before and now doesn't like his new hard-partying flatmates, or something. Have refused to be drawn in to by his big sighs and leading comments on this. Don't know or care what the issue is. There's tons of rooms to rent around here. No one else would expect me to sort this out for them, would they?

I've said no and will continue to say no but as our DD was there, I couldn't even begin to explain why. He left early in a huff. (First contact in a week since DD and I have been away seeing family friends - lovely for DD.)

I posted recently about my problems with him taking the piss during contact time and treating my home like his own. I proposed more structured contact arrangements and have my lovely ex-au pair and her housemate moving back in as lodgers shortly. This means that it will be very straightforward to separate ExH contact and childcare. It also means that there is no room, whatsoever, anywhere in my flat.

ExH had responded by claiming to be likely moving to another town (due to work issues which haven't actually happened yet) where he would only be able to see DD at weekends. I thought it sounded ideal but apparently this is now off the agenda. I think he wanted me to beg him not to go for DD's sake but think this arrangement would suit all of us.

I know I don't owe him any explanations and he would neither understand nor care about anything I say but I'm itching to write a long email setting out exactly how unreasonable his request, his general behaviour and his attitudes are.

I shouldn't waste my energy. I just can't believe that he had the nerve to even ask me.

EnjoyResponsibly Sat 23-Feb-13 23:07:27

OP you should consider a career as an author. In 25 posts I actually despise your EX as a feckless, aclo ponce.

The tragedy is that he's not fiction.

YOU on the other hand sound bloody awesome.

Stay strong xx

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