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Anyone in Scotland that can recommend a marriage counsellor?

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MouseyHousey Wed 20-Feb-13 14:25:56

H and I are trying to go to marriage counselling.
We first went through relate which directed us to their scottish sister organisation Relationships Scotland.
We called and arranged an appointment which was to be yesterday. So I arranged child care for our 2.5year old and went along. Nobody answered the door or telephone. We were outside for just over ten minutes trying to get in touch with someone. We eventually got through to their national helpline but all they could do was to apologise and they had no explanation why no one was there. As we left I called the office number again and left a bit of a shirty voicemail about how I was dissapointed in their unprofessional approach and the lack of a call to rearrange on their behalf.
I have heard nothing from them today (they are open 9-12.30) and dont want to piss about.
Can anyone recommend a different agency or even individual counsellor that could help? We are able to go anywhere in Ayrshire and possibly a little further if need be.

lillybloom Wed 20-Feb-13 21:50:40

Scottish Marriage care are very good and have lots of availability. you can send an e mail and their follow up is usually the next day x

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