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I am really struggling

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The3Bears Fri 16-Nov-12 23:42:15

To get over him. Posted a few days ago but since found out that he has cheated on me we have 2 ds's one 12 weeks one 5. I was weak when he came round we just cried and cried he said he would never come back as I dont deserve what happened. He's gone out tonight and i've had my friends round had a drink but now im in floods of tears sad I just cant seem to move on , he's hurt me more than anything in the world and ruined my dreams but I still love him. He says he loves me but wont ever be with me as I shouldnt have to accept what he's done but im stuggling!!! Words of wisdom please

ninah Fri 16-Nov-12 23:48:08

It is early days, you are bound to feel crap
Don't be so hard on yourself. Take it a day at a time. x

mmmnoodlesoup Fri 16-Nov-12 23:51:08

I'm so sorry sad it's still very raw right now, but you will be through this with time and support x

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