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Our first relate appt tonight ! What tpo expect and cost anyone ??

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Timetochange70 Thu 13-Oct-11 14:06:21

For the 1st time in years we`ve overspent this month-sent Dd1 to university-she is enjoying full roast dinners and muppets here scoffing beans now ! Anyway basically we`re so skint this month i`ll be pushed to pay the major bills so i`m a bit concerned re the cost of tonight.

We`ve been told a minimum of 20.00 but pref the full 45.
However i`ve just read on a web site first appt. admin charges and payment up front for future appointments.
Now DH and I after 22 years are pretty much living apart in the same house and for us and DC its awful so we really need to go because its gone way past anything we can sort ourselves-and besides dc x 4 always about .
So has anyone any advice please on what will happen tonight and am i going to be able to continue / fund this ?

JosStarship Thu 13-Oct-11 14:31:13

Hello, My H and I had our first Relate appointment about 2 weeks ago now. For us it was a general history taking session, what we felt was wrong, why we felt we needed counselling etc. The lady we saw was extremely nice and very easy to talk too (i guess shes in the wrong job if she wasn't) and not judgemental at all to either of us. She briefly touched on some sore subjects and got us discussing together (something that we haven't been able to do for a long long time)how we have ended up here. All in all we found it very positive and are eager to start for real smile
The only thing that bugged me was the lady that we saw is not the counseller we will be seeing. As for cost we were told that it would be £45 but we were charged £35 and she said "wink, wink" we like to charge £45 but if thats too high we are open to offers. We are going for £35 per session. Hope that helps smile

missinginaction Thu 13-Oct-11 14:54:39

We had a similar situation with Relate where we had a fantastic first session and then were offloaded on to another counsellor. I was really looking forward to the second session as I felt we'd touched on some deep-seated problems in a positive way in the first session, so was devastated when second counsellor was really drippy and ineffective. We fudged the issue of booking in another session and I phoned the administrator and asked to go back to the first counsellor again. They were very understanding. We had to wait - not easy in circumstances - but I'm so glad we did as she was incredibly helpful and insightful. So, I would say be sure you get on with your counsleeor and that s/he seems to grasp the problem. I'm sure things could actually be made worse if not and concersely much better with. Best of luck.

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