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feel like i have no friends

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cheesespread Sat 01-Oct-11 23:13:17

i dont seem to have any friends anymore,when i was younger i had loads of people to knock about with we used to go out drinking together and go to house partys,i was into partying big time but calmed down a lot in my mid 20s,i met my DH when i was 28 and we are now married with a DS

i have been good mates with a woman for 10 years but since i had my DS we have drifted apart,even before i had DS she would never come on a night out prefering to sit in the local with her OH,that was fair enough,when DS was born she started wanting me to come out all the time on big nights out and i couldnt i didnt have a babysitter,the past few times i have been in the local she has talked to me for 5 mins and then walked off

my DH is out 2 night,he doesnt go out much as his mates live 2 hours away,they have come up and they are off clubbin

i can go out tomorrow night as DH will babysit,i have no one to go out with though,i have txt a girl from work,she has no money,i have asked a friend from school that i still see and she said she will get back to me

i just feel so bloody depressed and wonder what happend to when i was spoilt for choice who to go out with

i could go to the local i no most people in there,but i feel a bit stupid going in and not meetin anyone there,my friend will probably be in with her OH but i feel she ll talk to me for 5 mins then that will be it

squeakytoy Sat 01-Oct-11 23:16:20

are you on facebook.... if so, I would just put on my status.. "all babysittered up and nowhere to go.. who fancies a night out" and see who replies..

ShowerGel Sun 02-Oct-11 09:49:52

It sounds as though the issue is that you 'have to' go out, just because it is your turn and everything is in place rather than a spontaneous get together with someone you haven't seen for a while. This is putting pressure on you, hence your casting around for someone to share 'your time' with.
Having children changes relationships in all kinds of ways - most mums I know gather at each others houses for a shared bottle of wine and a chat and not with any regularity. Try making friends with the other mums that you encounter on a daily basis - they may be feeling exactly as you do.

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