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Asking friends to be godparents

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Monkeymaker Sat 10-Sep-11 23:30:02

we would like to ask some friends to be godparents to our ds. Previously I was going to be their surrogate, but due to a health issue i was not able to fulfil that role, but went on to have another child of our own.

We are in two minds whether to ask them because 1 I know it has been hard for them when we announce we were having another child, but they find it hard with anyone and 2 is it like rubbing their nose in it by asking them or would they be offended if we didn't ask them.

We don't have a lot of options for godparents we may have to double up anyway, has anyone else done this.

BikeRunSki Sat 10-Sep-11 23:34:20

Well first of all you need to know if they are confirmed into the Church of your choice, otherwise they won't be able to do it anyway.

I don't think they'd be offended. I would n't be. I'd be flattered.

hiccymapops Sat 10-Sep-11 23:38:13

I think they'd probably be flattered. I know I would. It's our daughters christening tomorrow, and our friends next door are going to be her godparents. They had IVF a few years ago, and it didn't work out, so I know it's been very hard for them, but they're more than happy that we've asked them.

I actually nattered about it quite a bit, we really didn't have many people to chose from, and I didn't want to ask I'm case they felt they had to say yes, but I'm really glad I did, they're over the moon. I'm sure your friends would be too.

JockTamsonsBairns Sat 10-Sep-11 23:52:35

I've no direct experience of this, but I echo the other posters who suspect they'd be delighted to be asked. It sounds like they're very close friends of yours - obviously, otherwise you wouldn't be considering them for the role. In this context, perhaps you could have a frank discussion with them? I think if it was me, I'd appreciate your honesty - and the opportunity to be upfront in response to you.

JsOtherHalf Sun 11-Sep-11 10:34:36

I was honoured to be asked to be godmother to a friend's LO. We were having fertility investigations at the time too.

Ask your friends, possibly in writing -email/letter, and let them really think about it before giving their answer.

Monkeymaker Sun 11-Sep-11 10:53:18

Thanks everyone for your replies gratefully received.

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