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How much say do you have in your house?

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ChocolateTemptation Wed 31-Aug-11 11:34:45

I'm talking decor wise. If you really, really hated something of DH's that was central piece to an important room which he was refusing to get rid of what would happen?

mrsravelstein Wed 31-Aug-11 11:37:33

if i really hated it, it wouldn't be in the room. dh has a glass ornament which isn't exactly my cup of tea but is of sentimental important to him, so that's always found a place. he has some horrrible paintings which i detest, so they've been stored in the garage for 5 years awaiting the day i either change my mind, or we win the lottery and buy a house with a games room he can put them in.

DooinMeCleanin Wed 31-Aug-11 11:37:37

It's my way or no way at all blush. DH does not seem bothered in the slightest, although he did raise an eyebrow about the chalkboard paint in the dc's room convinced they would not distinguish between that and the rest of the walls and would chalk all over the house. Of course that has not happened hmm grin

He knew not to kick up a fuss because he wouldn't win.

If I wanted rid of something that was not sentimetal it would find it's way to the skip while he was at work. He would sulk for a day.

GooseyLoosey Wed 31-Aug-11 11:38:46

I would get rid of it. Ultimately dh acknowledges that my taste is better than his. Things would go smoother though if I took the approach of saying "We need to consider where to put this carefully - lets think about it for a while". Hideous object would then go in a cupboard for many years until dh rediscovered it, by which time he had hopefully realised its true awfulness.

SouthGoingZax Wed 31-Aug-11 11:39:00

. if it was really important to him then it would stay.
The same would be the case if there was something i loved that he hated - he'd put up with it because it was important to me.

Malificence Wed 31-Aug-11 12:04:12

Surely its a compromise? ( unless it's something truly hideous like a dead stuffed animal or something).
DH collects Sci fi stuff, the only suitable place for the big glass cases is in the living room so that's where they live, I'm not that keen on them but he likes them and it's his house as much as mine , the same with his Terry Pratchett stuff, the hall walls are covered in it. I always get my way on furniture , colour schemes/decorating etc. it's give and take. I did refuse to have a large model of the Starship Enterprise hanging from the ceiling though. grin
Homes aren't meant to be show houses, they're meant to reflect the personality of those who live in them.

HowToLookGoodGlaikit Wed 31-Aug-11 12:13:50

This applies to me, and I let him have it as it was a gift from his mother who died 2 years ago. I think it would upset him greatly to get rid of it, or even hide it, and I would not do that to him.

Pagwatch Wed 31-Aug-11 12:17:42

We have to apply veto.
We agree as best we can but neither of us would insist on something the other hated.

Fairenuff Wed 31-Aug-11 13:00:00

My DH is a hoarder. Will NOT throw anything away because it might be useful one day hmm. He wanted to use old worn out pants as dusters! I told him to throw them away, we can afford dusters!

He does however like to add furniture, paintings etc. now and again and whilst his taste is ok we don't have room unless we get rid of something which, of course, he won't do.

He likes clutter, I like space. It's a bit of a compromise but about every 3 months I go through the whole house and he makes a trip to the charity shop grin

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