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Am i in the wrong?

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rainbowdrift Fri 26-Aug-11 17:35:08

Hi me and my partner split a month ago. we both wasnt happy as a couple and had decided to just be friends. We still live together as i waiting to get a council property.
He has started to see this woman who is his best friend, they always had a connection and they now acting on it. Im fine with it i no longer love him in that way. But i hold a grudge against her as she always said she would never date him etc when i was with him. she told me she not interested in him that way how he is no good etc.
yet they now a couple, and she so smug and a total arse making out she won him from me when it was a mutual split. She just pissing me off now.
The thing is i can wipe that smug smile of her face as me and him are still sleeping together. Its just a sex thing for us, and heck we happy. Am i wrong in feeling a nasty sense of satisfaction that she so deluded?
Im expecting alot of bad replies but hey i just being honest

BooBooGlass Fri 26-Aug-11 17:37:15

Nice try with the council house reference though

MissVerinder Fri 26-Aug-11 17:39:15

Rainbow, are you doing yourself any favours by still sleeping with him?

Is this one of those situations where he's having his cake and eating it too?

I know you say it's just a sex thing, but if it truly was, you wouldn't be as narked by new GF as you are (I think).

Maybe your sense of satisfaction is not coming from the fact that she's deluded, but that she's (unknowingly) in the same position as you, and this makes you feel a bit better.

BooBooGlass Fri 26-Aug-11 17:39:29

And enjoy the STDs won't you

MissVerinder Fri 26-Aug-11 17:39:41

I don't have any biscuits left today!

TheOriginalFAB Fri 26-Aug-11 17:47:53

Yes, you are in the wrong.

rainbowinthesky Fri 26-Aug-11 17:48:38

You sound lovely. (not)

DontGoCurly Fri 26-Aug-11 21:04:34

ha ha ha right

NotSuchASmugMarriedNow Fri 26-Aug-11 21:13:16

shouldn't you be sleeping with your brother in law?

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