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Annoying " stepdad"

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Ineedmetime Thu 14-Jul-11 14:08:06

Does anyone else have a difficult relationship with their "stepdad" (mums live in Boyfriend, lodger) not really sure what to call him as they are not married. They have lived together about 16 years. ( my dad died about 17 years ago). Maybe thats why I don't like him but he is annoying ! he trys in very subtle ways to control my life. its quite hard to explain what he does. but for example he phones up a lot when I would prefer it if it was my mum who phoned. and he'll say are you coming round today? if I say no were busy he gets the hump. He is quite moody. Does anyone else have similar problems?

buzzsore Thu 14-Jul-11 14:57:59

I have a difficult one. I do like him, but he does my head in. In my case, I feel his intentions are good but our personalities clash. He loves my mum though and treats her well, so I try to appreciate his good points and beat down the irritation I feel.

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