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Is it ok to be so pissed off by DH, and to be really irritated by him.

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mdavza Sun 03-Jul-11 21:39:30

We're moving abroad, and I guess things that have alwasy been little annoyances have now been magnified by stress. He just seems so bloody selfish, and tonight I got so angry with him when he started mentioning how hard he has to work, blahblahblah, meanwhile he has no idea how hard it is to work (PT), keep a house going, keep a DS going and making most of the decisions about DS and everybody's emotional wellbeing. Sometimes I just want to run away and, uh, hide/be irresponsible/go on mum-and-wife-strike and lie in bed with a book for a whole day, with loads of junk food, and worry about fuckall.

I'm not going to end here with a disclaimer about how much I love him because that is obvious - I'm still here, aren't I - and I did choose him then and still do.

Vent over, glass of spritzer waiting

coproxamol Sun 03-Jul-11 21:48:35

Yes it is okay to be pissed off with him. He sounds just like mine. Works hard and needs to relax after do I but that doesn't seem to register.
Men can be so bloody selfish.
I feel like doing the same...stay in bed all day and do sod all.

Seabright Sun 03-Jul-11 22:37:37

Oh God, me too. I have a 4 day a week job plus a new business I'm running and deal with all the household stuff and a toddler (please don't start on how he should do half, I know, but it's complicated & this probably isn't the right thread for all that)

Anyway, yes, he works long hours, yes, his job is awful, yes, he's tired. I make allowances for all that, but do sometimes wish he could realise that I might be tired too.

Vento over too. Am having more than a spritzer. And breathe......

geraldinetheluckygoat Sun 03-Jul-11 22:40:42

Ditto here <swig> grin

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