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News Quiz - Peter Oborne

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Gasp0deTheW0nderD0g Fri 12-Jan-18 19:54:40

Didn't work, did it? I had to switch channels, a thing that hardly ever happens. He just wasn't funny. Simon Evans is funny but he appears to be just about the only right-of-centre comedian around at the moment. Or have I forgotten anyone?

Summi97 Fri 12-Jan-18 21:38:43

Totally agree, had to check what programme was on. Not funny at all, and not a hint of a sense of humour. Don't know who was last week but wasn't impressed then either.

echt Sat 13-Jan-18 05:56:47

Fuck me. I've just finished listening to it.

Entirely humourless, used the show to spruik the Daily Fail and attack the "leftieness"' of the BBC/ the scriptwriters, rather than engage with the material.

Completely missed the aim of show. Came over as a bit thick, too. No analysis, so anxious to prove himself and point score.

Awful, awful, awful.

allegretto Sat 13-Jan-18 11:15:29

Completely missed the aim of show.

Exactly. Not sure what programme he thought he was on. I thought Miles dealt with him very well though.

Summi97 Sat 13-Jan-18 12:00:32

Yes, rest of the panel and audience were laughing their heads off in disbelief...

billovitch Sat 13-Jan-18 13:27:39

His intervention near the end - "is there such a thing as a right wing script writer" - was bizarre. It was a response to some jokes about the Queen's discomfort at her coronation:

Wearing a heavy crown gave her the most muscular neck in her cage fighting division
She was forced to ride in a gold carriage because of her terrible Uber rating after a corgi crapped in the footwell.
Wearing a crown isn't as bad as having to go through a hen night wearing a Claire's Accessories tiara.

Apparently, to Oborne this was a left wing rant impugning the Queen's reputation. He clearly spends too much time in the Daily Mail bubble in which one never refers to "the Queen" but always to "Her Majesty, the Queen".

RafaIsTheKingOfClay Sat 13-Jan-18 13:29:45

Switched off after about 5 mins or so. Assume from these comments it didn’t get any better after that.

parrotonmyshoulder Sat 13-Jan-18 21:46:57

Just talking about this. Had to switch off too, for the first time ever. Dreadful.

LadyWithLapdog Sat 13-Jan-18 21:48:57

Complete prat.

tribpot Sat 13-Jan-18 22:02:06

I almost switched off after five minutes as well. I persevered, it didn't get better. Completely counter-productive of the Beeb really - basically inviting the right wing village idiot down for everyone to laugh at. Not helpful.

HerSymphonyAndSong Sun 14-Jan-18 06:05:05

I listened all the way through. It was very awkward. It definitely wasn’t his rightwing-ness that was the problem, but his complete lack of a sense of humour

officerhinrika Sun 14-Jan-18 15:08:23

All of the above! I got all the way through but he grated, like something stuck in the teeth. Kept wondering why he was there as he wasn’t contributing anything other than irritation.

annandale Mon 15-Jan-18 09:50:13

Not just me then. I've heard alleged right wingers on the NQ before like Daniel Finkelstein who is cleverer than a clever thing and has a sense of humour. It would be fair for right wingers to consider the NQ biased to a leftwing position and to have to box quite clever to get their worldview accepted, but Oborne sneering without any jokes didn't work. Imagine working with him. Jeez.

parklives Tue 16-Jan-18 00:06:36

Yep, didn't work.

TheLongRider Tue 16-Jan-18 00:18:18

He was po-faced and slow witted. I wonder if he thought he'd been booked for "Any Questions".

squishysquirmy Tue 16-Jan-18 00:34:14

He wasn't very funny but I thought the show was funny overall. The other panellists and the presenter had some quick comebacks.
He just kept making the same "joke" over and over, which was repeatedly complaining about the left wing bias of everyone at the BBC. Apparently, any joke at the expense of a Conservative government (on a news quiz comedy ffs) is proof of blatent, unacceptable bias.

Coyoacan Tue 16-Jan-18 04:48:52

He wasn't very funny but I thought the show was funny overall. The other panellists and the presenter had some quick comebacks

Excellent come-backs!

LapdanceShoeshine Sat 20-Jan-18 16:19:44

Only just spotted this. I was sufficiently stunned at the time to mention it on FB!

Oborne was truly awful & was put in his place brilliantly.
"I thought this was supposed to be balanced" (Really, Peter? Did you really?)
Miles - "well go righter, Peter"


I notice they've had a rightish person each week this series, which is good. The other 2 so far were sufficiently quick-witted AND FUNNY to hold their own but poor old Oborne was way out of his depth. I'm hoping to hear Hugo Rifkind & Danny Finkelstein in the next couple. Gyles Brandreth would be ok too.

But please, never Oborne again!

Anymajordude Wed 24-Jan-18 12:24:58

Well he happily confirmed all my prejudices against the Daily Mail were valid.

He was pompous, self righteous and embarrassing and worse he wasn't funny.

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