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The butterfly effect- Jon ronson podcast

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koopspooks Sat 11-Nov-17 09:24:08

Anyone listening to this? I’m on episode 4 and finding it a really interesting discussion about the porn industry so far, it’s also funny in parts.

koopspooks Mon 13-Nov-17 08:03:54

Is no one else listening? I just got to the bit about the sex dolls shock

NetworkGuy Sat 25-Nov-17 19:24:25

the "Fortunately" podcast...

Damn *7^$£^$$ iPhone cannot download them (BBC iPlayer app problems, but I'm happy to blame the iPhone too, as they're poor value for money, though luckily I was given this one as a birthday present)...


There appear to be 28 so far (up to 24.11.2017) and each is 20-40 minutes, so I am allowing this series to autoplay and may get to the one you mention after 5 hours or more smile

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