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Summer Nights

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HellesBellesThinksSometimes Fri 16-Aug-13 00:09:42

Tonight's was horrendous! A bunch of people I've barely heard off consoling each other by saying that every popular comedian is unfunny.

Only at the end of the show did they discuss the issue of bad taste but he-who-talked-the-most said bad taste was fine so long as it's funny. Unlike Michael McIntyre, apparently. I guess the million or so people who find him funny must be wrong then. If only he skipped around the stage criticising the appearance of named female politicians or making "jokes" about minority groups who are already regularly victimised.

I'm not a great follower of particular comedians as everyday life is often funnier than stand-up but the attitude of the panel made me want to go out and buy every McIntyre dvd available!

One interesting comment I heard was that collecting together in large groups has a similarly positive effect on mood no matter the reason for getting together.

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