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Word-play in the Archers.

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choccyp1g Thu 31-May-12 20:43:58

Tonight Vicky gets Harry to help sticking a cardboard crown on top of the phone box, and the conversation goes like this:

Harry: I hear you had a close encounter with a rat in here?...
Vicky.... Can you shut up about rats...
Harry... I think you want a bit of ermine you know.
Vicky carries on chirruping about the decorations...

ppeatfruit Fri 08-Jun-12 09:49:52

I'm getting upset now; I LOVE TA if they FXXK it up I won't be watching or listening to ANY soaps; I vote we start a Mumsnet campaign to save it from shitty editors. Olivia??

ppeatfruit Sat 09-Jun-12 14:52:05

Did anyone hear Feedback yesterday? it was discussed on there and the temp. editor is back pedalling fast apparently we'll see shan't we?

R4 Mon 11-Jun-12 10:13:14

I heard the Sunday edition and cheered. It seems his mother Had Words With Him. Looks like we don't need a campaign from the whole of MN, it only need one - well placed - mum to do the job.grin

(But keep that campaign on ice just in case ppea. I'll be right with you on the barricades)

ppeatfruit Mon 11-Jun-12 14:15:45

Yaaay good for mums !! smile grin Thanks R4!

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