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See you all here at 7.02pm tonight?

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GrendelsMum Mon 03-Jan-11 13:58:18

For revelations and recriminations?

We opened the champagne in celebration last night.

Chil1234 Mon 03-Jan-11 14:06:22

7.02pm every night! Sorts the Archers Addict from the casual thrill-seeker..

SparklyMartini Mon 03-Jan-11 14:15:50

I was thinking about this at 3:48 this morning whilst soothing the baby.

I am keen to know what happens but OTOH, isn't this going to mean TA is quite depressing for a good while? If (as I suspect) Nigel lives with terrible injuries, it'll mean I get that sinking feeling all the time, the one I used to get whenever there was a scene with Jack's Alzheimer's getting worse and Peggy being upset and/or stoical. And it will be a long term story, it's not like Nige will just mend after a few bad weeks. He has fallen off a stately home fgs. He will prob be depressed and stuff. Everyone will be in grim shocked mode for blardy ages.

Winter is depressing enough without TA going all bleak . I'm a bit worried I will cope badly...

<wimpish snivel>

I do think the longer-term consequences will be really interesting though.

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