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Listen up Loola Mummy's!

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CarmelaDeAngelis Wed 28-Oct-09 23:28:59

I'm quite sadly excited to discover....

That the Maxi Cosi Mura 4 Bag fits PERFECTLY into the basket of the Loola!

Like it was MADE for it!

(well they both come from the same factory)...

And the Mura bag is BIGGER than the Loola bag and cheaper and nicer and you can sling it over your shoulder if you want - and it does have a "grab handle" on the side (top when it's laid in the basket) too.

I bought the "grey slice" bag to go with my Mura when the blue bags were out of stock but it's black with a grey zip - so matches the black basket of the Loola perfectly.

So, I can hang the shopping on the handlebars if I have any - and keep the baby kit in the Mura bag in the basket.

Well, that's all - hope I made someone else happy too. smile

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