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Phil & Teds sport question about maxi cosi car seat...

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jemimap Fri 23-Oct-09 15:37:06

Hoping for help! I have owned the sport for 2 years and used it loads for 2 toddlers but now baby number 4 arriving next week (eek!) I need to swop to newborn/toddler mode... so..

I want to get the maxi cosi car seat adaptor kit - as I understand, although not recommended, I can put the car seat on top and use the doubles seat underneath??

If I have the car seat attached (either with doubles seat or on its own) which rain cover will fit over the car seat? On pictures it looks like the car seat projects too far forward to fit under the normal doubles raincover? But if I just use a car seat rain cover, it only covers the car seat and then the entire buggy gets wet??

Anyone advise?

MatNanPlus Fri 23-Oct-09 21:35:56

I would say the double cover as the car seats mostly under the hood, tho not sure the top seat back can be folded up to allow good face space for the back seat?

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