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bebe confort mila

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thisisyesterday Tue 13-Oct-09 19:12:09

anyone got one? just saw it on their website andxs was rather taken with it...

IsItMeOr Tue 13-Oct-09 21:42:05

Don't have this one, but DH chose the loola up for our DS partly because of the 3D folding mechanism and it is good. Very few travel systems do this, but most buggies do. DH says he's not aware of any other superlight buggy that can take a car seat, which apparently the mila can. I'm a bit worried about how much time DH spends on thisgrin.

thisisyesterday Tue 13-Oct-09 22:27:45

lol at yo9ur dh being the buggy addict! haha

i don't need it as a travel system, just liked the look of it as a buggy, price isn't too bad either... hmm

IsItMeOr Wed 14-Oct-09 08:50:21

Well, I can only comment on the brand, but we've been happy with the build quality of it and always felt quite pleased knowing that it cost a couple of hundred quid less than everybody else's Bugaboos.

If you do go for it, please can you let us know how you like it? For DH's research, you understand wink.

mrsjammi Wed 14-Oct-09 08:52:08

Message withdrawn

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