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Mountain buggy double urban - query re toddler size

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frogthistle Tue 13-Oct-09 14:54:22

DC3 due in early March when DD2 will be 2.9.

I am 98.99% sure I need/want a Mountain buggy urban double with a single carrycot for baby. School run trip is a 15/20 min journey one way.

My niggling doubt is about how well a large-for-her-age toddler will fit in the MB. DD2 is 97cm tall now. The website does say from birth til 4 yrs old, but then they would really!

How has this worked for those of you with MB & largish toddlers in practice? Has the child's head been squished up against the canopy/hood-thingy?


bronze Tue 13-Oct-09 14:55:37

I had one a long time ago and it was fine up until ds1 decided he wouldn't go in it any more

janx Thu 15-Oct-09 22:32:16

I have a mb urban - ds is 22 months and big - cannot imagine him fitting it when he is 4

lisad123wantsherquoteinDM Thu 15-Oct-09 22:44:36

I have a larger than normal 2yar old no probelm and my 6 year can sit in it too your be fine

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