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Just ordered a P and T's Sport and need some advice...

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laurawantsababy Fri 09-Oct-09 20:12:11

Do I need a double or single rain cover if I have a newborn and toddler?

Can I fully recline the seat if I have a single raincover?

What is the best bag to get? There seem to be loads of Phil and Teds ones and Im not sure.

Do only Phil and Ted footmuffs fit?

Thanks to anyone who can give me the answers smile

Knickers0nMahead Fri 09-Oct-09 20:16:18

Double raincover.

Depends what things you would be putting in the bag. You could get paniers that fit on the side, or a normal changing bag that you can carry over your shoulder.

I have buggy snuggles on mine.

Indith Fri 09-Oct-09 20:16:43

Just get a double raincover, it covers your newborn and toddler and you can happily use it should you be using it as a single pushchair too. No idea about bags etc, I don't have anything specific! Don't know about footmuffs either, I resent paying that much and just have a fleecy blanket.

MatNanPlus Fri 09-Oct-09 20:21:32

With toddler and newborn you can use a single cover but once you use the doubles seat at the back you'll need the double which is bulky when not in use.

Is a bag needed? i find a waterproof little bag easier.

As for cosy toes, the P&T one is snuggly but most will fit but the longer the better, bugaboo and stokke do longer ones.

laurawantsababy Fri 09-Oct-09 20:28:28

Thanks all! Very useful smile

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