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stokke xplory help please

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tracytc Mon 05-Oct-09 12:03:39

i just bought a second hand xplory which i met her at the train station to buy off her as i was in a rush to get the next train back i had a quick glance over and it seemed ok

on the way back i noticed that the frame is quite wobbly is this normal also the back wheels seem to turn inwards and when i am going up kerbs or when i got on the bus when tiped slightly backwards it became stiff to push like the brakes were coming on

any advice greatly appreciated


FeatheredHeart Mon 05-Oct-09 23:15:42

well we're onto our 2nd child with ours now, so 2.5 years use already, and it's not quite as robust as I remember it for the first one. Wheels do turn inwards a bit in awkward places with use. Worse with a heavy toddler or heavily loaded shopper. With practice the wheels issue should be manageable.

Have just seen this so you might want to email stokke to double check if this is an issue. I've found customer service pretty good.

IckleJess Fri 09-Oct-09 13:26:45

Email customer service at Stokke.

I've just bought a 2nd hand Xplory and because I knew that there had been a recall recently I asked if they could take a look at mine for me. I explained that I had no receipt/warranty/paperwork.

They emailed me back within a few hours asking for the serial number (can be found on the seat underneath the cover), and my contact details. They said their service team would be in touch.

Next day I got a phone call from a lovely man who said that I would be sent a box the following day to pack the chassis into, and the courier would wait whilst I did this, and then take it away for service. They are replacing the front wheels and checking the sliding mechanism free of charge as these were the things that initiated the recall. If I want anything else done then I will be charged. It should be back with me within a week. Fabulous service imo.

Did you buy it off ebay? Did you pay by Paypal? If so, then you can always raise a dispute with the seller saying it is significantly not as described.

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