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Graco cleo pramette - ANY GOOD????

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waitingwaiting Thu 24-Sep-09 20:39:48

Hi there,
Please can you let me know any thoughts you may have on the Graco cleo pramette, is it any good???? I was thinking of possibly buying one as it seems really good value for money and looks okay... but is it a good pram?? Please share your thoughts..

brockleybelle Fri 25-Sep-09 11:18:22

I bought this for my newborn ds last May. It was USELESS and ended up giving it away on freecycle. It cost £200 and was very rickety, not something I'd expect for that money. I liked the idea of the newborn liner, having the baby facing me but it was pointless as even as a normal-sized newborn (8lb 1oz) he was almost too big for it. The seat was rubbish and just did not seem comfy. I threw away £200, very frustrating, but bought before I knew anything about prams. I was a first-time mum and bought a graco on the recommendation of a friend.
Have a look at the babystyle oyster. It's new out and has had very good reviews. rear-facing (very important imo)as well as front-facing, adaptable to carseat and carrycot, some reviews say seat is fully reclinable (so i wouldn't bother with carrycot if so). I'm expecting dc2 and this is definitely on my short-list. I like the bugaboo bee but seat is too small and way out of my budget.
All the best!

SausageRocket Fri 25-Sep-09 11:25:01

Graco are generally crap, IME (although I haven't bought a pushchair for about 4 yrs). Flimsy and iffy build quality. They are cheap for a reason.

brockleybelle Fri 25-Sep-09 11:29:37

Sausage, I'd never buy a graco again.

sazm Mon 28-Sep-09 17:04:46

i tried it out in my local baby shop and i really liked it,
but i did think it was very small in pram mode,my lo was 3 m and his feet and head were touching the ends(he's not that big)

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