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iCandy Peach or Uppababy Vista?

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Jmcd2020 Sun 21-Jul-19 15:31:07

I have paid deposit for iCandy Peach but keep swithering back to Uppababy Vista A’s was torn between them both. Hubby thought iCandy was “nicer looking”. Anyone had both and had a preference or any views on either pram?

MindyStClaire Mon 22-Jul-19 13:11:49

Can't help with the iCandy (tried one in the shop but didn't love it, sorry - that doesn't mean you won't though), but I do love my Vista.

Looks are great, but I'd prioritise practicality. DD is 15 months and our Vista is still taken out multiple times each weekend. I loves it, it was the best baby product we bought. Happy to answer any questions about it.

Expressedways Mon 22-Jul-19 13:58:19

I have the iCandy and I don’t find it massively practical actually. You have to take the seat off to fold so it takes up so much space and the wheels aren’t proper tires so it doesn’t push especially well anywhere except pavements despite being the size of a tank. The Vista folds with the seat attached and has better wheels. I’ve now gone to the other extreme and have the YoYo- big prams aren’t really for me, but between the 2 the Vista over the iCandy every time.

HJWT Tue 23-Jul-19 14:50:35

We had iCandy Peach and hated it after 10 months x

Linny88 Sat 17-Aug-19 17:37:21

@MindyStClaire we are really keen on the vista...what is it like off road? And have you attempted to take it on public transport?

wibs77 Sat 17-Aug-19 17:47:11

I love our peach. I can run with it, I find it folds up well and my son loves it

LenaAl Sat 12-Oct-19 12:33:30

I hate my icandy peach. Hate hate hate. Too big to keep in our flat. Have to take the wheels off to store in the boot. Heavy. Have to take the carrycot off to collapse. For the price, I want a model whose handle doesn't have to rest on the ground and gather mud etc.. Single worst purchase we've made and it's probably kept me from going out more with my 3 month old.
That's my opinion! Don't know about the vista, sorry.

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