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Fold up stroller with big basket and buggy board

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MrsKoala Fri 09-Nov-18 11:29:07

My youngest is just 2 and ds2 is just 4. I currently use an uppababy vista with a buggy board but it’s about to die. I don’t need to replace it with another travel system, but I do still need something that ds2 can hop on when his legs are tired and I can get some shopping in the base.

It doesn’t need to be particularly light weight. I’d like the seat to recline for dd’s naps.

I keep googling but it’s all about how light weight they are and easy to fold. I can’t see any with buggy boards.

Any suggestions welcome. I need to order one ASAP as my vista limped home after drop off this morning! Eeeek.

Onebiteofeverything Fri 09-Nov-18 11:31:42

Any umbrella stroller will be difficult to get a buggy board on.

Look into a baby jogger city mini GT or an oyster zero if it doesn’t need a super small fold or to be super light weight. I’ve got both and they are great. The zero is much lighter than the GT but both push really well.

bobstersmum Fri 09-Nov-18 11:45:32

You can pick up second hand vistas for cheaper than buying a new buggy, I would check locally first because in my opinion the vista is brill.

MrsKoala Fri 09-Nov-18 11:54:11

Thanks. This is already a second hand one as we broke our first.

I am sure I have seen boards on stroller type buggies. Maybe I’m imagining it and that’s why I can’t find any!

We go on holiday next week so I really want one for then.

Onebiteofeverything Fri 09-Nov-18 12:07:30

You can do it, but any I’ve tried are very hard to push and it’s pointless having an umbrella fold as you can’t fold it with the board on.

PennyMordauntsLadyBrain Fri 09-Nov-18 12:09:03

Baby Jogger City Mini- there’s a reason you see them everywhere!

MrsKoala Fri 09-Nov-18 12:51:12

Thanks for the suggestions. I like the look of both the baby jogger and the oyster zero. Onebite would you mind me asking which has the biggest/best shopping basket? And as me and she are tall which one is the most comfortable to push?

I was hoping to spend up to £200 but the jogger is more than that so I am tempted by the oyster. But if the jogger is much better I’d rather pay the extra as I don’t drive much so will be using it every day to walk about 5 miles.

PennyMordauntsLadyBrain Fri 09-Nov-18 12:54:21

OP City Minis are often on offer- my local independent baby store have them for £199 atm, so it’s worth checking round a few places if you’re impressed with reviews etc

MrsKoala Fri 09-Nov-18 12:59:24

Thanks, I have found a baby jogger city mini for £235. That seems okay but it’s not a gt- does that make much of an improvement? My dc are fairly chunky and tall.

MrsKoala Fri 09-Nov-18 13:00:13

There’s an oyster zero for £190.

Orlande Fri 09-Nov-18 13:03:35

You can put a lascal buggy board on pretty much any buggy. I'd recommend the baby jogger for longevity but the graco evo mini is a lot cheaper and has a huge basket.

ArfArfBarf Fri 09-Nov-18 13:05:34

I have a baby jogger citi mini GT and it doesn’t work well with a buggy board. The best I’ve used is a bugaboo bee with lascal maxi board. Plenty of room for my legs and my toddler stood “inside” the handle holding onto the sides.

HermioneWaslib Fri 09-Nov-18 13:08:17

Out and about nipper 360? Possibly not with a buggy board but I’ve seen toddlers perched on the front.

RhubarbCrumbled Fri 09-Nov-18 13:09:32

Baby jogger versa. It has a HUGE basket, is super sturdy and folds up really easily and quite small. I love mine!

Onebiteofeverything Fri 09-Nov-18 13:19:47

Out of my zero and city mini gt I always pick the GT if I’m walking, or the zero if I need to lift it in and out of the boot.

The hood height on the zero is better so for taller toddlers it’s a better option.

MrsKoala Fri 09-Nov-18 13:28:37

Thanks all. My main priorities are 1)handle bars high and comfortable to push for tall people
2)large shopping basket
3)can attach buggy board for longer walks with ds2
4)all in under £300

The graco one looks like it has the biggest basket but one review says the handles aren’t very high or adjustable and that would be a real pain as I have a bad back.

Reviews of the jogger say the basket isn’t very big but that everything else seems good.

I don’t want to hinge my whole decision on ds2 buggy board because hopefully in a few months he won’t want it so much (he’s just started reception and is the youngest and the walk there is uphill and about 20 mins and he cries all the way. He runs home tho!)

MrsKoala Fri 09-Nov-18 13:32:56

If I got the jogger I wouldn’t get the gt as that’s about £100 more. Do you think the extra features of the gt make a big difference Onebite?

MrsKoala Fri 09-Nov-18 13:53:05

The more I read about the graco evo the more tempted I am by it. The spec say height 102cm so I assume that’s the handle height? I’m going to measure and see if it’s high enough. I found one for £90!! Which is brilliant.

Orlande Fri 09-Nov-18 16:49:35

I have a baby jogger double and the basket is crap, don't know if it's better with a single.
I also have the graco evo mini. Basket is great but it is a basic buggy - handles aren't adjustable and the back of the seat isn't as tall as I was expecting. However we used it with no problem until ds was 3y4m.

HermioneWaslib Fri 09-Nov-18 18:12:51

How tall are you? Normal city mini has non adjustable handles and isn’t that tall. Fine for me at 5ft6 though.

Second hand versa is a great shout, meant to be good with a buggy board and has a huge basket.

Onebiteofeverything Fri 09-Nov-18 19:23:16

The GT is much better to push than the standard city mini. Wheels are much more suited for off road too. Depends how much use and on what sort of terrain you would use it.

MrsKoala Fri 09-Nov-18 19:39:42

Oh that’s good to know. I’m 5ft10 and dh is 6.2.

I’ve ordered the graco for £90 as I need something now to tide me over especially as we’re going on holiday.

Once back I will look at a more hardwearing buggy I think. Dd has 1-2 more buggy years and I use it everyday and walk everywhere (hate driving). We go all terrain too - which is why the vista has been brilliant.

We are really hard on buggies. The original vista I bought 6 years ago and we’ve had 3 replacement chassis. We spent more on that buggy than our car cost! But then if I think of it as cost per use it is pennies and it really has been a great buggy.

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