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DH Left Part of Pushchair in car park. Help!

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PrancingMoose Mon 22-May-17 18:09:29

MN-ers, I need your help! My wonderful husband looked after our 8 month old son solo all weekend whilst I was at a hen do, and managed to leave his pushchair seat (part of a travel system that clips on to a base) in a car park in a town 30 mins away and only brought the base home!

This was yesterday and I've only just discovered it's missing. He's going to go back there when he gets back from work to see if it's still there (wishful thinking!) BUT! Where I need your help is to ask whether I can buy a replacement pushchair seat (I have all the other bits) from somewhere, I've had a look on Ebay but they are all complete systems. Does anywhere sell just the component parts?

It's a Jané Trider Strata travel system from 2012.

trilbydoll Mon 22-May-17 18:12:28

You could ask the shop you bought it from (or any stockist really) if Jané do spare parts.

I think their travel systems are all very similar, certainly the Trider, Rider and Twone all use the same connectors so you could always buy a Twone seat?

moggle Wed 24-May-17 10:28:55

Oh no! I hope he manages to find it... I saw a whole pushchair in the car park near our nursery a few weeks ago; I knew exactly whose it was as it was quite an unusual pushchair I've seen being pushed around locally (not a child at nursery unfortunately). As I didn't know the owner or where they lived I had to just leave it and hoped they came back for it! Thought about posting on one of those local sites but chances are someone would just go and nick it if I gave any details at all.

Astro55 Wed 24-May-17 10:38:27

Email them?

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