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Icandy Apple 2 Pear or Bugaboo Donkey Duo

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DropsofJupiter1980 Tue 16-May-17 10:14:05

Hi All

I'm looking for some advice re pushchairs! My son will be 2 years 8 months when the new baby is born. He walks everywhere but at the moment still needs a pushchair every now and again (for example if we are out and he needs to nap) and we think he may still do so when the baby arrives. We therefore need to consider a pushchair which can accommodate a toddler and a newborn.

We have an Icandy Apple which can be converted into a Pear with a Pip converter kit, and possibly used with a buggyboard as well. We've priced it up and for everything we need I don't think that we will get much change out of £500. I've also been told by one shop that the Apple, and the Pip converter kit have been discontinued and we may have difficultly in finding all the relevant bits we need. They do seem to be out of stock in a lot of places, but we were told by Mothercare that they haven't in fact been a little bit confusing!

We've also looked at the Bugaboo Donkey Duo. I like this as it means that the newborn wouldn't be underneath the main seat which I don't really like the idea of (although I understand that unless you get a side by side most are like this for weight distribution purposes). When it is in single mode it is also narrower than the Apple at the widest point and only marginally bigger when expanded to be a duo.

Does anyone have any views on either of these? Or any recommendations of other double pushchairs suitable for a toddler and newborn? We are wondering how long the toddler will actually need the pushchair for in reality. Money isn't really the issue - we'd be happy to buy a new pushchair, the most important thing is that we get one that does what we need for both children! Any views welcome! grin

Thanks in advance! xx

Tiggywunkle Wed 17-May-17 12:51:21

Ok - the confusion is whether you have the original Apple, or the newer Apple2Pear. The older Apple has a footrest with a big silver chunky piece on, whereas the Apple2Pear has no footrest.
Given your son's age, you could have either.
The original Apple is definitely discontinued. The Apple2Pear you can still get a convertor kit for however, they are out of stock on the iCandy website - £110 for the convertors and then you need another seat. Ebay could be your friend for either.

However, if you have the money, then I would sell what you have and put the money towards a new iCandy Orange with the inbuilt board. There's so many options there, in a pushchair the same size as your current Apple. It really is a no brainer for me because the Orange is absolutely superb. You can look at everything else on the market but its so awesome, that you won't find anything more versatile especially with your age gap. It will do everything you need and more. I have one, and there's so many configurations that I haven't yet discovered them all!

Oh, and I had the Donkey (and nearly every other double going), and I hated having to convert it. It just took so long to set up; it filled the boot up; I couldn't fit it down the side of the car in car parks so the kids were parked in the road. The seats were very upright too. Yes it pushed beautifully, but its no competition for the Orange.

DropsofJupiter1980 Wed 17-May-17 13:44:36

Thanks Tiggywunkle for your very helpful response smile.

Without looking, I don't remember the chunky footrest and I think it's the Apple2Pear. I will have a look at the Orange as it does sound like it will do what we need - thanks again! smile

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