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Pram for bumping upstairs

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eatingforonemore Sat 29-Apr-17 09:45:22

I have a Stokke Trailz but we are moving to a flat that has roughly about 14 steps out front with a gap in the middle. I'm wondering if the Trailz will be a nightmare to get upstairs especially with a toddler (I think I may put toddler in pram and wear baby to get up them if she's struggling) and wondering if I should just sell my Trailz and buy something else. My friend is selling her xplory really cheap and I know it has two wheel mode but we don't have a car and need to do the weekly shop with the pram.

Any suggestions

Tiggywunkle Tue 09-May-17 15:24:40

The Cybex Priam also has a two wheel mode. I think you need to go and try them out in 2 wheel mode, or consider options that are considerably lighter like a Babyzen Yoyo or Baby Jogger Zip, that you could manage to carry as well as a baby.

Heirhelp Sun 14-May-17 07:10:42

Bumping pram upstairs is not a good idea. Can you shop online instead?

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