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Lightweight holiday buggy

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Piewife Sun 26-Feb-17 22:52:25

We're off on a city break for a few days soon and DD will be almost 2.5. She will want to walk everywhere but will definitely get tired so we need to take a buggy with us.

We currently have an Armadillo City which I really like, but I don't fancy taking it on holiday because 1) I don't want it getting scuffed up on the plane, and 2) I'd rather have some sort of lightweight umbrella stroller with a carry strap so if we're somewhere really busy or with lots of steps we can sling it on a shoulder to carry.

So I was thinking either get some sort of lightweight cheap stroller or maybe a second hand Maclaren.

I got a second hand Quest (really old model) really cheap from a friend but it's got a clicky wheel and the brakes are a bit dodgy, so I'm not too keen on taking it. I definitely wouldn't want anything heavier either. It was about the limit (I'm short and not very strong!).

Any recommendations? I want something sturdy and light! I would prefer reclining too but I suppose that's not essential as DD rarely naps in the pushchair and would probably nap upright if comfy enough.


namechange20050 Sun 26-Feb-17 22:57:37

I have a Chico London for this purpose and it's fine. Cost about £70.

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