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Best pushchair for buggyboard

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gizmosmama Wed 14-Sep-16 20:19:37

I'm downsizing from my double and need a single for my DD (13 mo) with a buggy board for my DS (2 1/2 yo). My ticklist is simply - single piece fold and easy to push / steer with a buggy board. Desperate for ideas as I can't seem to find anything I can push comfortably when DS is on the buggyboard. Thank you

Tiggywunkle Thu 15-Sep-16 16:58:17

I really hate stroller boards. However, there are a few which do work for me - the Joolz one on the Geo; the Oyster board on the Oyster 2 or the Oyster Max (it is the same board used on both strangely enough) or the Microlite Twofold has a built in board. The Joovy Cabooses are interesting as well. iCandy today have released details of their new Orange stroller which has a built in standing ride-on board but I suspect you can't wait until early next year for it smile
If all else fails get any board and try one of these amazing Stroll extension handles from Mee-Go. They make anything easy peasy to push and steer - even one handed. Even I like using this product. Mee-Go do a super cool sit'n ride board too with a steering wheel and flashing lights too.

gizmosmama Sat 17-Sep-16 08:25:47

Thanks Tiggy, that's really helpful, I'll check all those out, sadly no can't wait for the icandy!

Artandco Sun 18-Sep-16 17:13:56

Bugaboo bee. I think board are easier when pram is in parent facing mode as then baby head is away from child standing, so older child can stand in close under handle. Use the bugaboo board

gizmosmama Sun 18-Sep-16 20:52:29

Thanks Art, I'll have a look at the Bee. That's a good point about the parent facing, hadn't thought of that. I agree about the under handle bit though, that seems to be the clincher, if they're outside the handle, you can't walk! I've been trying to look at just extendable handles but they tend not to be a 1 piece fold. Hmmm...!

BananaPie Wed 05-Oct-16 19:52:55

Bee ticks all your boxes. Handle extends comfortably to fit a tall child riding the board (we used lascal). Parent facing was ok until the baby started to kick the toddler...

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