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Parent facing Mountain Buggy?

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malin100 Sun 29-May-16 13:42:31

I'm getting really confused looking at Mountain Buggy pushchair/travel systems. I'm looking for a travel system from birth that is parent or world facing, isofix compatible, good for rural areas/unpaved surfaces, folds up small for a Fiesta and has a carrycot suitable for sleeping in during the day downstairs on the floor (was told some need to be on a stand). I really like the look of Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle and other Mountain Buggies but

1. Struggle to make out the differences between the different models (are they all good off road?)
2. Thought I read somewhere that some were parent facing but ones I keep finding online today are not.
3. Continual references online to being older 2015 models but can't find which ones are 2016 models and difference between them... Help!

fruitlovingmonkey Mon 30-May-16 16:19:16

The 2016 models are called 3.0. They are also in new colours, not previously available.
The parent facing options are only with the carrycot (usually sold separately), not with the part that comes with the buggy. We have the carrycot for urban jungle/terrain and it has various different parts to make 3 parent facing positions. The included part can also be used from birth if you are going somewhere very bumpy/ steep and need to strap the baby in.
You will need car seat adaptors.
Check the size carefully, the Urban jungle is quite big, even when folded.

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