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18 month old escaping from Bugaboo Bee. Anyone else?

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soundsystem Sun 22-May-16 11:36:42

So DD is 18 months old, and has figured out how to escape from her buggy. (Luckily in Tesco and not in the middle of a road.) She's been able to get her arms out for ages, so have been using a Houdini Stop to prevent that. But now she's defeated that, and once she gets her arms free she can pull her legs out and stand up and climb out. In seconds. Argh!

I was expecting it to last me a bit longer than this so I'd be grateful for any ideas. Or do I just need a new buggy? We're in a city with no car, so any time we're going more than a 5 minute walk she's in the buggy. She's off the charts tall - more like the height of a 2.5 year old - which may be relevant.

I mentioned it to someone in real life and their advice was she should just learn to stay in it. And I mean, ideally yes, that would be great, but I'm not keen on taking the chance!

Onsera3 Sun 22-May-16 12:06:00

Hmm it's a shame because that is a really good buggy for an off the charts tall child. My 3.5 yr old boy is off charts and can still just fit his head under the canopy if he needs to go in there for some reason. (I wedge something behind the backrest to keep it extended as it always slips down)

But TBH you've got a behaviour issue rather than a buggy issue as I'm sure your DD could do it in many buggies.

I also didn't have the shoulder straps done up- just crotch- as they were too tight quite early on DS.

Is she just telling you she wants out? At that age I wouldn't have expected DS to be in there for more than 20/30 mins. And I would have tried to time that with a snack time to keep him occupied. The Bugaboo snack tray was a big hit with him.

Otherwise, I'd suggest maybe getting the buggy board. The newest one with seat is fantastic - so much better than older versions. Flicks up out of the way when you don't want it and is slightly off to side so you can walk ok. DS loves being on it now DD is in buggy. As he stands his head is just below mine so easy to kiss and so much easier to chat to me and see things for him. You could put her in buggy when needs a rest. It's £££ but if you plan on having another you will want it and can sell them on eBay.

Or you could try reigns attached to buggy when she wants out?

DS wouldn't have wanted to be in the buggy around tesco at that age. He would have been out helping me get things or helping push buggy. I tried to time it so he only went in there for snack or rest. (I wasn't using car either)

soundsystem Mon 23-May-16 14:09:25

Thanks Onsera, will look into the buggy board. Yep, completely agree it is a behaviour issue - I just got a bit of a fright at the speed she got out (having not previously indicated she wanted out!) and worried she might try it while crossing a road. It's fine in Tesco as I'd let her out to walk if she wanted to.

I'm going to look into reins as well - I think it might be time!

I'm due DC2 in January and was planning on getting a buggy board then anyway so might just go for it sooner.

Hufflepuffin Mon 23-May-16 20:12:56

Clippasafe harness and reins would clip onto the d rings on the bee as an extra harness. Or there's the five point plus (designed for car seats but should work?) that stops them getting their arms out at all.

Imperialleather2 Mon 06-Jun-16 06:38:32

My2 dcs have done this. In various prams so I don't think it isothermal bee.

Apparently I used to do it to. My mum told me to use a reins and harness set as recommended by Huffle and that stops it.

U use both harnesses as with just the twins strap dd slides forward so the pram harness stops her doing that.

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