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Bugaboo cameleon or donkey?! help please!

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lamingtonnutty Thu 05-May-16 11:49:17

Just as the title says!
I'm stuck, I don't know which one to get and could do with some advice from people who have had/have either of them.


WordGetsAround Thu 05-May-16 11:52:45

Not much help here but I'm going buffalo! Have you considered this?

lamingtonnutty Thu 05-May-16 12:36:28

I have! But I'm buying second hand and haven't found an appropriate one available (I'm after a newish one)

MelT1980 Thu 05-May-16 22:02:12

Do you need it for one baby or for two? Cameleon is fine for one but the Donkey is massive for two babies and only recommended if you are having twins

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