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Need buggy for occasional use for 3.5yo - days out etc. What to get?

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midnightlurker Wed 23-Mar-16 09:36:07

I have a 1.5yo and a 3.5yo. Both walk happily, obviously the older one for longer. No longer use a buggy to walk the dog or walk around town. Need one for them to take turns in on days out though (e.g. Legoland) and once a week for the younger one to sit in whole DS rides his share pony. Have a Ford Fiesta so needs to fit in the boot. Ideas anyone?

Our old Mothercare umbrella fold couldn't cope with DS's weight (15kg with coat, shoes on etc). Didn't break but became almost impossible to steer.

Avebury Mon 28-Mar-16 23:31:02

Micralite? Or just a maclaren?

Avebury Mon 28-Mar-16 23:33:08

Or a city mini might work?

Xmasbaby11 Mon 28-Mar-16 23:37:15

Wow your dc are doing well! I had the same age gap and used maclaren plus buggy board at that age.

I think a maclaren is sturdy enough for you - dd is 4 and weighs 17kg. She sometimes gets in the buggy for a little rest or ride. It's strong enough but heavy to push!

fusspot66 Mon 28-Mar-16 23:39:57

We had a cheap Chicco stroller at that age. I think 15kg is a fairly standard max weight. We ignored it.

SallyDonovan Mon 28-Mar-16 23:56:03

Baby Jogger City Mini. My 3 year old fits in in with room to spare.

looki Tue 29-Mar-16 00:00:29

I am preparing to sell my Bugaboo donkey as my eldest rarely uses it and intend to get a buggy board to use with the Maclaren. Would this be an option

Can I ask what do you use when in town if you don't use a buggy, a sling?

calamityjam Tue 29-Mar-16 00:04:31

I bought the very lightweight silver cross one its got a mesh seat and seat pad. Its very easy to carry with a strap and lies back a bit. It fit in my corsa.

Notfastjustfurious Tue 29-Mar-16 00:22:38

I have same gap and same car. The mclaren does the job although neither of the little monkeys use it so I end up pushing around my bag.

3boys3dogshelp Tue 29-Mar-16 00:38:00

I have a city mini and love it but it's not great with a buggy board due to the position/shape of the handle.

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