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Isafe 3 in 1 travel system

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DanielleDaw Sat 12-Mar-16 19:00:30


Has anyone brought this travel system? Hubby and I are really tempted by it, but are torn between getting this one and a Cosetto 3 in 1.

I've seen really good reviews for both. I saw a woman with the isafe in town today but we were crossing the road in the opposite direction so didn't have an opportunity to speak to her.

I found the Cosetto light weight and easily manouverable. I also like the bold colours. It is currently on offer in mothercare.

iminhull Mon 18-Jul-16 13:44:30

Danielle, which did you decide on? We are having the exact same quandary. We'd like to have a play with the iSafe, but we can't find one anywhere. It seems they get good reviews.

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