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Uppababy Vista Stroller Brakes Unsafe

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Moza101 Tue 08-Mar-16 18:31:22

We bought an Uppababy Vista Travel System from John Lewis in September 2013 for our first born and only used the bassinet part for 5 months. We started using it again for our second born in September 2015 and earlier this year the left brake started to fail until it now no longer works at all and therefore we have no confidence that it can be used safely.

We contacted John Lewis who contacted Uppababy on our behalf. Uppababy refused to do anything at their cost because it's out of warranty. They have offered to repair it at our cost but I am not prepared to spend any more on it. I want reassurance from Uppababy that they have addressed this safety issue with their pushchairs.

My husband opened up the compartment that includes the brake and it appears that the left brake does not always engage because of the way it is designed. He did manage to fix it by wedging a piece of plastic inside it but this it still failed so we are reluctant to continue using it.

Here's a link to a clip on YouTube which shows how the left brake no longer works:

When you buy a travel system for 700 GBP you expect it to at least last through two children...

Has anyone else had a similar issue?

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