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Phil & Ted Navigator 2 or Bugaboo Bee?

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gnat99 Sat 27-Feb-16 14:50:59

Can anyone advise me on buggies, please? Would love to hear opinions on the Phil and Ted Navigator 2, or the Bugaboo Bee? (Not sure which version of Bee.)

We are expected our first child, and have been offered both of these buggies second-hand by friends (the same couple). In fact the Phil and Ted would be a brand new buggy, still in box, because they were sent a replacement under the warranty for a minor fault and were never asked to send back the original. Their toddler has outgrown the Bugabee completely so they were looking to get rid of that anyway. They were extremely positive about both buggies, and have similar needs to us: Our buggy will have both town and country use; both bus and car use; close family abroad so lots of travel, needs to be robust rather than flimsy, but not ridiculously heavy or huge for the car boot. Would prefer not to buy new - funds are tight and also we live in 2nd floor flat so buggy will often be left downstairs inside the door.

Any thoughts? We like the sound of the Bugaboo Bee for easy-use lightweight city-type outings, and it sounds quite robust for quite a light buggy.

Phil and Ted we thought: Great for country outings, walks, etc, but still relatively manoeuverable in town with triangle wheel set. Lots of storage. Good investment if we are lucky enough to conceive a second child after this one. Also great to have a new buggy but at a good discount.

Both can be used with travel systems (separate question: do people think travel systems are worth it?!) and adapt to a choice of car seat.

Perhaps the answer is take both, and use them for different things? I have to confess that the Phil and Ted felt a bit heavy to me, but perhaps I just need to get used to hauling a buggy around!

All nuggets of wisdom gratefully appreciated.

poocatcherchampion Sat 27-Feb-16 14:55:33


Plenty of doubles second hand for if you get to that stage.

We havd a bee and it does everything you want.

I say no to travel systems as I am not the type to enjoy swinging a heavy infant carrier around on my arm but others seem to like them

gnat99 Sat 27-Feb-16 16:21:51

Cheers poocatcher, thanks for the info, and your thoughts on the travel system issue!

wonkylegs Sat 27-Feb-16 16:30:29

I love the Bee - I have the original from my son 8 years ago and have just taken it out of the garage for the imminent arrival of no.2 - you wouldn't know it was 8 years old it looks brand new.
It's a fab pram lightweight yet sturdy, easy to manoevre in and out of public transport and cars, we used it with the maxi cosi car seat and adapters and it works well and isn't too much of a faff, tbh I only used this bit when he was really little as he was just too heavy for me in the car seat - I am quite little and have mobility problems.
It's a fab city pram, and for the occasional country walk (it came on several holidays with us and days out to country parks etc) but it's not really great if you want to do loads of rough terrain regularly the wheels are just a bit small.
I love ours and have no regrets buying it.

poocatcherchampion Sat 27-Feb-16 19:05:18

It goes over muddy tracks fine in my experience. But I wouldn't use it for proper hiking etc.

I'm on dc3 ans I got it as this c section was tricky to heal and it is so lightweight. I wish I had bought it first time round
I have so much love for it.

Dc3 is still rf in the coccon - lying flat. Dc2 sits rear facing - she is 2. Dc1 is nearly 4 and is better off forward facing with the footrest. She doesn't get a go often though!

I also have the buggy board with seat. Dd2 loves it.

And we have a massive car and therefore just chuck it in the boot with collapsing it. grin

gnat99 Sun 28-Feb-16 09:00:41

Thanks ladies, that's really helpful.

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