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Pushchair/travel system for dog walks and bus commute??

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LynseyBiscuits Mon 22-Feb-16 11:24:53


I'm looking for a travel system suitable from birth that I can take on dog walks (over grass, up gentle hills and through woods but mostly woodland paths rather than over tree roots and boulders) but also take on the bus in the morning/round shops in the city. I have bought a Close Caboo carrier which I hope to use as much as possible for dog walks, but I'm a first time mum and have never used a baby carrier so I'm not sure if I'll be able to wear the baby for all walks or need a pushchair that could cope with them too?

I don't want to spend a fortune and would be happy to buy second-hand if it was well made. Budget is probably up to around £350 including a new car seat (don't want a second-hand one).

We don't have many stairs in the house to carry it up so weight isn't too much of an issue but I'll still have to be able to put it in the car boot myself. We're planning on buying a new car with plenty of boot space for the dog and buggy so I don't think we need something super compact when folded.
One hand folding would be good though.

Anyone have any recommendations? Sorry if that's a really vague spec. I saw an icandy peach all terrain model recently that looked like it might be a good option but I'm not sure how much of an all terrain-specific model we need or if there's something in between that we can go for?


captaincake Mon 22-Feb-16 15:56:02

I would look at the baby jogger city mini gt. Rugged enough for the dog walks, suitable from birth, can put car seat or carrycot on, one hand fold if needed on the bus. Incredibly easy to push/steer. Easy to remove and machine wash seat cover.

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