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Babyzen Yoyo 0+

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VeganFamily Thu 31-Dec-15 17:25:30

Me currently pregnant with my 2nd child and am weighing up my pushchair options. My eldest will be 30 months old when baby arrives so don't really need a pushchair for her.

We have a Babyzen yoyo 6+ which we adore and think is fabulous. We had this as our only pram from 6 months as we used a sling with our eldest but this won't be an option this time as having a c section and also abdominal surgery when baba is 8 weeks old.

Does anyone here have the 0+ yoyo and have anything to say about it? It would be our only pram if we got the bits to convert our 6+. Thanks 😀

Artandco Fri 08-Jan-16 08:20:26

Yes it's good. So light you can push with one hand which will help when you have had surgery.
Also the folding down handle is good when in newborn mode especially if you can't lift well as you can use indoors for naps and just wheel baby to you at a chair or sofa to change nappy or sooth to sleep without so much bending or lifting. You could kinda slide baby to you to feed and slide back in from sitting down.

Just to say do try a sling after c section if you like them. You just need one that sits high on you and not around your waist which tbh most do for newborn age. Something like baby ktan or similar style. Could be helpful even if just the first 8 weeks and if just used indoors. Means you are a bit more hands free those weeks if they are a newborn who wants to be carried lots.

Another recommendation ( not pram related I'm afraid), is to look at the Stokke Tripp trap high chair with baby seat addition. Can use the baby seat first 6 months and it's basically a high up seat so would mean less bending down for you after surgery. Good place for baby when your all eating or prepping food. Just take seat off and the rest is regular highchair from weaning onwards. Not cheap but the main chair lasts until adult size of needed so well worth it ( mine at almost 6 used daily still as junior chair now)

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