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Quinny pushchairs

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dgcoco5 Tue 21-Jul-15 14:04:28

Still battling through the minefield of finding a pushchair- I've noticed there's a lot of deals with the quinny are they worth looking ? ? ? Love to hear what You all think?

LillyBugg Thu 23-Jul-15 22:18:37

I don't like mine all that much. It looks lovely and I get compliments on it and DS is comfortable in it BUT the hood is shit, the basket is too small and the newborn cocoon was next to useless. I have the moodd by the way. Oh and it is brilliant to push, and unfolds itself. I don't know why but I always thought I loved quinny, I think I just liked what they looked like. I didn't spend enough time looking at prams. If I had my time again I would go in open eyed rather than quinny quinny quinny.

Didiusfalco Thu 23-Jul-15 22:22:05

I really dislike mine - if i could make the choice again i would not buy it.

BigFoxLittleFox Thu 23-Jul-15 22:24:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LillyBugg Thu 23-Jul-15 22:27:12

fox did you not find that it went over the babies face? It was just far too high and when I tried to fold the cover lower it would just ping up. Luckily I had bought the carrycot anyway but I had liked the idea of the cocoon. And shock at pram stealing!

BadcatBertram Thu 23-Jul-15 22:41:42

I absolutely love my zapp xtra 2 - it is great for whizzing around the shops , is reversible, you don't have to dismantle it and it folds up really small and is light weight. It's been a godsend. I didn't have this since birth though so not sure how a small baby would adapt, perhaps an insert? t's not great on rough terrain but I have the buzz for this and it's ideal for country walks although a bit of a faff to take it apart and it's fairly bulky.

SweetAndFullOfGrace Thu 23-Jul-15 22:47:31

We have the Quinny zapp. It's brilliant. So tiny. So small. So light. So easy to fold.

We got adaptors so the maxi cosi car seat fit the Quinny frame and it was very easy when DD was small and I just wanted something that could live in the car boot.

It tips over if you hang anything on it though so if you want pushchair-as-shopping-trolley it's not for you.

BigFoxLittleFox Fri 24-Jul-15 07:56:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SometimesItRains Fri 24-Jul-15 08:00:47

We have the buzz and it is still going strong after 5.5 years. A new set of tyres and inner tubes, but no other problems. It is very maneouvreable, which I like and can easily be pushed with one hand (helpful when you have a toddler in tow). The basket is a little small compared to others, but I have found I can stuff quite a bit in there anyway.

tilder Fri 24-Jul-15 08:01:25

Mine is crap. Yes it folds up small (but is a buggy to put back up) but it tips at the slightest opportunity. I don't hang much on it but it can't even cope with a changing bag.

dgcoco5 Sat 25-Jul-15 20:05:46

Hi guys thanks for sharing your decided not to look further with quinnys customers hood looks small compared to other brands and Im not keen on the look of the newborn inlay so my hunt continues confused

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