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Bugaboo bee footmuff

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Zozo1982 Thu 15-Jan-15 17:26:44

Is the universal bugaboo footmuff any good with the bee, or is it too big? I am thinking of getting a John Lewis fleece one instead. Does anyone know if that will work, or perhaps a Kaiser? If anyone has one of these I would be grateful for your views. Thanks very much .

minipie Thu 15-Jan-15 19:55:07

I've heard the Bugaboo one is too long for the Bee, especially parent facing.

I have a Kaiser sheepskin one (the one specially for the Bee) I love it, it fits very well. It's a pain to fit because you have to take off the hood and fit loads of loops, but that does mean it's securely fixed and won't budge.

John lewis sheepskin ones are supposed to be a good fit for the Bee too, not sure about their fleece ones.

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