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Which pushchair?

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lilmisspopsicle15 Sun 16-Nov-14 20:45:57

The million dollar question I know but I need advice.

I am due with number 2 in April. Dd will be 6 so doesn't influence choice.
I had the whole kit & kerboodle last time & sold it when dd was about 1 & got a zia which was great until no longer needed.

I want a from birth pushchair that faces both ways. Something light but sturdy & comfy/cosy for a newborn. I want to be able to put car seat on the frame & to fold it with seat attached.

I have looked at the zapp xtra 2 but was a bit flimsy & zia evolve but does not rear face.

Help! Please. Thanks.

youlookbeautifultonight Sun 16-Nov-14 20:48:47

Bugaboo bee?

LadyRubyPenhaligon Sun 16-Nov-14 20:56:10

Yes I would go for the bee too. It also has a good resale value for when you are done with it and can swap that for another zia.

womaninthewildsofwales Sun 16-Nov-14 22:15:05

Mamas and papas armadillo flip. I am gutted that I'd bought my pram just before this came out- it looks fab!

Ihateparties Sun 16-Nov-14 22:41:12

When you say fold with the seat attached I'm going to take that as attached whilst parent facing so - bugaboo bee, Icandy raspberry, Icandy strawberry, easywalker mosey, easywalker mini, m&p armadillo flip, joie chrome, baby elegance sketch.. Erm... There are more but largely bigger and heavier like the baby jogger city versa.

In your situation I would get a mosey, folds with the carrycot on even. Plus I believe it's small enough not to feel like you need to replace it a year or so down the line.

Becky2208 Mon 17-Nov-14 02:34:41

We've just got an m&p armadillo flip which does everything you've said. It's suitable from birth, but you can also get a carry cot or newborn cocoon. We looked at the bee, but the fold is bigger I think and it's quite a bit more expensive.

NishyM Tue 18-Nov-14 21:08:23

Well all I can say is that after months of umming and ahhhing I finally bought myself an ICandy Raspberry! It's so neat when it's folded and easy to push, I love it :-D

Zozo1982 Wed 19-Nov-14 07:55:53

I just bought the raspberry too. Haven't had a chance to open it yet. I am keen to know how it handles. Is it a bumpy ride at times with those small wheels? I am still debating between this and the mosey. Ruled out the bee. I ordered one but it really was fiddly to use so that has gone back.

Tiggywunkle Thu 20-Nov-14 21:45:22

Mosey v's Raspberry - two of the best pushchairs currently on the market
Raspberry if you mainly walk on pavements, shop, are very car based. Fab for shopping with.
Mosey if you need some more robust wheels to go over grass or bumpy paths etc. The Mosey is the more versatile but the Raspberry is beautiful to push on the right surfaces.

RiverTam Thu 20-Nov-14 21:49:51

bugaboo bee. Narrow, nippy, parent/forward facing, collapses pretty well, can be steered one handed (this last very very useful when they're toddlers and in and out of the damned thing).

ilovehotsauce Thu 20-Nov-14 21:50:11

Another one for the flip! I really want it I think it could be my perfect pushchair.....dreams

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