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Alternative to bjcm gt parent console

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Zozo1982 Wed 12-Nov-14 19:48:32

Can anyone recommend one? I just want somewhere to put my keys and phone etc. I didn't get on with the bj one. It just seemed to get in the way with the handle lowered. Happy to have separate cup holder. Thanks in advance.

lentilpot Thu 13-Nov-14 09:56:22

I have the jojomaman bebe version on my bj versa, so can't comment on how it is on the bjcm gt, but I like it! It's got a good mixture of small pockets (for phone/keys) but you can also just shove stuff like hats , muslins and other baby gubbins in it. It has elastic straps for drinks - would trust them with a very full very hot takeaway coffee but good for a bottle of water or a travel mug.

lentilpot Fri 14-Nov-14 08:16:59

WOULDN'T trust them with hot drinks!

Zozo1982 Mon 17-Nov-14 12:48:21

Thanks for this.

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