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Anyone know about prams in Oz?

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hazchem Fri 08-Nov-13 05:20:34

So we are expecting DC2 in a bit (quite a bit). With DS we were given a loola bebe confort which I ended up hating because it was big and hard to fold and wouldn't go on the bus. We then paid fully price for Maclaren XT (because we went to mothercare). I've come to hate it too. Basically it's pretty large and I can't steer it one handed and as DS likes to walk a bit I need to hold his hand.

So I've been looking at prams.
DS will be 3 1/4 when baby arrives but I think he might still want a trip in it occasionally but might just need a buggy board.
I'll probably use a sling a fair bit but would like the pram also.

I thought I wanted either a BJ Versa but have just read it's not very good with stairs and we have a flight to the front door.

Also looking a bugaboo bee + because it's from birth with out a carry cot and you can get them on ebay pretty cheap.

I got quite excited by the Valco Rebel Q but it seams like it's hard to push in rear facing mode and I'd like rear facing mode

steelcraft striders seam very popular here think they are Britax in UK.

Anyone got any brands too look for ? Would like mid range. Happy not to get the latest model if I can then find on ebay/gumtree.

Or should I just suck it up and keep the effing Maclaren.


Sunnysummer Fri 08-Nov-13 05:42:40

We have a Babyjogger city mini GT, which does well with the stairs up to our building, is light and easy folding and steers well one-handed.
Not sure how well it fits a buggy board, I've only got the one DC! I've often carried it on and off buses and things with arms full of shopping and the baby in the sling with no issues. Also works from birth, although in the early days I used the sling or carried it up and down the stairs until DS got some head control.

We nearly got the bee but felt it had a much less nice steer and was much harder to fold (though with a bigger car you may not even need to!).

Sunnysummer Fri 08-Nov-13 05:44:49

Ah, just realised you are looking for rear facing, and you can only do that in the city mini with the bassinet (although DS hated that and loves looking out, I was frankly a bit hurt! smile)

The striders are pretty huge. One of my friends has a super light and handy Combi, have you looked at that one?

hazchem Fri 08-Nov-13 06:32:45

No haven't heard of the Combi will look.

I wonder if rear facing is that necessary. I feel like I want because I still spend time stopping the pram and checking DS now at 2.

The steelcrafts look huge and heavy and it has to go upstairs

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