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HELP!! Xpedior vs Oyster

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RiotBecky Sun 25-Aug-13 21:16:45

We're ideally after a travel system as my mum lives a 20 min drive away and we're in a bit of a remote location, it's not just a little stroll to the shops. So a car seat is a must, and we like the idea of having the pram then turn into a stroller as well so it needs to be reliable and built to last.

wallpaperaddict Sun 25-Aug-13 20:49:08

I've never seen the xpedior so can't comment on the actual pram! what I would say is that in terms of customer service and aftercare, independents tend to be far more helpful.

What are your requirements in a pram, there's lots of brilliantly helpful mums in this section who could suggest other options that might be worth a look!

RiotBecky Sun 25-Aug-13 15:34:46

I'm due in October but due to various issues, LO could drop any day now. So obviously we're frantically searching for the perfect travel system!! This is our first so we don't have previous experience to go by. We've visited Mothercare and were very impressed with the Xpedior and all set to get it, til we visited an independent shop and had a demo with the Oyster, which is unfortunately twice the price. My other half is still set on the Xpedior, whereas I'm not too sure now on if we should spend out the bit more if that means better quality. HALP!!

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