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Note: This topic is for discussing pushchairs. To find out which pushchairs have won Mumsnet Best, read our lightweight stroller reviews. If you want to buy and sell pushchairs, please use our For Sale/Wanted boards. Please feel free to report buying and selling in this topic. new to world of pushchairs and need advice please :)

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nzlouisa Thu 06-Jun-13 03:56:07

Hi mumsnet talk members!
I am a parent to be (we're expecting our first in November). We live in New Zealand, in an urban suburb.

We are looking at pram options - there are sooo many!
So, our criteria as follows:
- easy to fold down
- usable on sand, gravel, easy to get in and out of cafes etc
-easy to use capsules with (click in and out of car etc)
-adjustable handle (tall husband!)

Not too worried about storage. It's more that we want something fairly sturdy and compact that doesn't break down and have issues. Have read a lot about the Nuna Pepp and Bugaboo Cameleon, but not sure how these handle on rougher terrain?
Would love your opinions and thoughts smile

Tiggywunkle Thu 06-Jun-13 23:02:34

Hi, the Cameleon would be fine, but I wouldnt take the Nuna Pepp onto gravel and sand TBH.

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