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BJCM front wheel issues - help!

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Kubalai Sun 12-May-13 20:21:08

I have made an error and I'm feeling pretty low about it.

I decided a while ago that a BJCM would be great to replace our iCandy (which is going to my brother to use as a pram with their newborn) and as our dds are 3 & 1 (with medical issues) I wanted something robust and fully reclinable but lightweight and easy to store. I've kept my eye out on Gumtree etc for ages and none came up so I braved eBay and bought one for just under half new price. It came with instructions, raincover and seemed in good nick, but the front wheel will not swivel. It is a nightmare to try and push.

I have googled and this seems a common problem with the BJCM but I had no idea. I'm not sure what recourse I have through ebay. I have emailed the seller to ask if she was aware of the issue. I know BJ will only help the original purchaser, and obviously I have no idea who sold it originally.

Has anyone had a similar problem or got any tips to sort it? I don't have any spare cash for the moment and had to save to buy this one.

Ihateparties Sun 12-May-13 20:33:56

I'm assuming you mean the wheel spins but it stuck in the "fixed" position as oppose to the swivel one? I don't know what the mechanism is on the cm to change from swivel to fixed, the up/down grey button on my city mini gt is very very stiff, it's definitely not something like that?

Baby Jogger do sell spare parts to not original owners (as oppose to providing them free under warranty to original owners) it may be worth contacting kooltrade, the uk distributor if you don't have any luck with the seller. If you establish that it is definitely broken then if it were me I think I would open a not as described case on ebay, I've only ever had to do it once but it doesn't sound like a problem that could have occurred in transit.

Kubalai Sun 12-May-13 20:43:23

Yes, you're right, it should and can swivel, but the litle catch that changes it from fixed to swivel pops back to fixed all the time.

I will wait a few days to see what the seller says. For some reason, I feel really bad about complaining via ebay. I'm not normally so wobbly. I collected it from a meeting point so no transit etc.

I really don't want to have to buy spare parts as I'll end up paying not much less than new price for a very definitely second hand pram.

Kubalai Sun 12-May-13 20:44:15

Thanks for all your suggestions ihate

TwitchyTail Sun 12-May-13 21:03:12

Definitely contact Kooltrade, they are really helpful and I'm sure would send you a new wheel. Maybe ask the seller to refund the cost of that? A reasonable seller would agree. If they won't, you can get a return and full refund for the item being not as described. Have a look at the ebay pages here for some reassurance - ebay tend to side very strongly with the buyer in matters like this.

What a shame though, I just sold my used-once-for-10-minutes-and-still-under-warranty BJCM for £150! I would say there are probably better deals to be had than the one you got if it's very much used as your post suggests.

Tiggywunkle Mon 13-May-13 01:37:19

OK, first of all try locking the wheels dead straight and then locking and unlocking them a few times - as opposed to stopping when walking along and simply unlocking them because then they are more likely to relock. Sometimes that fixes it.
If you dont want to buy new wheels (or second hand ones off Ebay) then I believe - but I have never looked - that there is a pin or something which can be filed down which then leaves the wheels permanently on swivel. Like I said, I havent looked or tried this, but I have heard people talking about it. Its worth a look.

simplynails Mon 13-May-13 10:50:25

Kubalai, just wanted to let you know that I think you have 45 days from purchase through eBay, if the seller doesn't help, they will get your money back. They were talking about it on This Morning. Hope that helps.

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